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“I wanted to really thank Eamonn for his help with my product launch. The pointers he gave me were just brilliant — exactly what I needed to get me started..”

Joan Hales

“The ideas were very thought-provoking. We covered ground I had not thought about. Would highly recommend.”

Carl Mann

“Great information and guidance delivered perfectly.”

Dale Reynolds

“Clear, concise – everything you would hope for and much, much more.”

Peter Wales

“Very good advice on our marketing strategy that changed the targeting we were using and brings us very good results.”

Alan McAlister, Cleaver Fulton Rankin

“Very good interaction. and easy to understand, great ideas we put in place to simplify our messaging”

Neil Court

“Great engagement, the sales direction has made the business sharper.''

Chris Gown

“A refresh of the business and we are better for it. 

Anne Worth

“Very engaging, our website and social pages are alligned as branding was weak.  The advice on how to spend online has saved us time and money.

Ray Law

“The recruitment support for a freelance sales team has been brilliant. We have saved time and engaged the right people first time.

Mike George

“Really good for us, focused the sales team and our presentations. We have changed approach on closing jobs and its much more streamlined and effective''

Mel Ryan

“Our pricing and sales pitch were put together in a way we can now use to maximise conversions, great to work with.”

Paul Richardson

“The field sales team communication has been much improved and we have also understood much better how and where to put our online marketing spend.”

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